pets on quilts“>

What a super idea!  Lily Pad Quilting is holding their annual Pets On Quilts contest this month.  Entries can be submitted up until August 17th with voting taking place the following week.

It’s fun to see all the photos of the adorable furbabies out there – and of course to admire the handiwork of all the fantastic quilters.  Even better is the fact that it raises awareness of the Padsworth Project, an initiative that encourages others to complete and donate a bed, pad, or blankie to their local animal shelter.

I’ve got pets and I’ve got quilts so I guess that makes me eligible to join in!  Mind you, there are categories that include virtual quilt designs or quilts with groupings of animals so don’t let the lack of either a pet or an available quilt stop you from participating.

I will be linking up my entries soon.  Won’t you join me?  The deadline is August 17th.


Pets on Quilts – My “Firsts”


This is my first dog snoozing on my first quilt! I am linking this up to Lily Pad Quilts annual Pets on Quilts show in the caetgory “Dog on Quilt”.

Shep was 15 when this photo was taken only a few weeks after I completed the colourful flannel rag quilt – my first quilt project. The quilt turned out smaller than I expected and didn’t work well as our “cuddle up and watch movies” quilt like I had hoped. Shep was getting old and frail so I had taken to laying the soft quilt out in whichever room I was in so that he could lie down and be nearby. He passed away sleeping peacefully on it not long after this photo was taken.

When our vet arrived to take Shep to the crematorium he brought along an ugly, scratchy orange blanket to wrap him in. I opted to have Shep wrapped up in my quilt instead. My first dog, first quilt, first real heartbreak losing this big old guy.

Ok, now I am feeling all teary-eyed! Tomorrow I promise to post a more light-hearted Pets On Quilts photo of our current dog, Maui, who is a stubborn, but cute, bundle of energy! Stay tuned and be sure to link up your photos to Pets on Quilts too!